The Incredibles

This isn’t a DIY campaign, I can’t do it alone.

And this isn’t a fundraising campaign, I don’t want your money.

This is a campaign for the Incredibles.

This is a campaign for you.

The incredible people of America who survive, despite disparity.

The incredible independent women who fight, despite inequality.

The incredible millennials who thrive, despite fear.

The incredible brothers, sisters, neighbors, and friends, with abilities and disabilities, gay and straight, who believe in America.

We face incredible odds every day, and we conquer and overcome.

The incredible odds against this campaign begin with the ballot: Independent candidates must petition in most every state in order to even have their name printed on the general election ballot.

California requires almost 200,000 signatures to appear as an Independent candidate for your Presidential consideration. All collected in just 105 days prior to election.

The Democratic and Republican parties have a monopoly.

Richard Winger of Ballot Access News estimates more than 885,000 signatures are required just to be on the ballot in all fifty states.

And then the voting begins.

So here’s to the incredible odds.

I believe we can do it.

We’ll do it together, or not at all.

#thinkDifferent #voteDifferent #independent #AngelaGlass2020

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