Roll Call: Wealth of Congress

How well does the wealth of our representation reflect your own? Roll Call has ranked the wealth of the 115th Congress, and we await the ranking of the 116th Congress scheduled to be published early 2020. Roll Call Top 50 see for more... #thinkDifferent #voteDifferent #independent #AngelaGlass2020

America’s Public Policy Priorities, 2019

Reviewing the Pew Research on American's views for the 2019 political agenda, in preparation for representing the American people. % who say ________ should be a top priority for Trump and Congress this year“Public's 2019 Priorities.” Pew Research Center for the People and the Press Americans of both parties report their priorities are reducing health care [...]

Current Health Expenditure (% of GDP)

Feeling sick? U.S. Health Expenditure (% of GDP) comparison 2000-2015 via the World Health Organization Global Health Expenditure database #thinkDifferent #voteDifferent #independent #AngelaGlass2020 “Current Health Expenditure (% of GDP) | Data.” Accessed February 14, 2019.

The Incredibles

This isn't a DIY campaign, I can't do it alone. And this isn't a fundraising campaign, I don't want your money. This is a campaign for the Incredibles. This is a campaign for you. The incredible people of America who survive, despite disparity. The incredible independent women who fight, despite inequality. The incredible millennials who [...]